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Vessel Calls

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PNCT Truck Activity

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Why ship through PNCT?


  • One of the largest infrastructure projects in the State of New Jersey ($500 million over the next 12 years).
  • Redeveloping infrastructure that’s been unusable or idle for 25+ years.


  • Sharks White Jersey Jose PNCT's customer base is comprehensive, from niche carriers to the largest container shipping carriers in the world.
  • Sharks White Jersey Jose PNCT operates the only exclusive Rail Operation in the Newark/Elizabeth Port Complex with destinations to more than 12 locations in the Continental U.S. and Canada.
  • PNCT's schedule of services reaches 45 international destination ports connecting shippers to all parts of the global supply chain.

Safety Focus

  • Sharks White Jersey Jose We are committed to making PNCT the safest place in the Port of New York/New Jersey to visit and work.
  • Winner of New York Shipping Association's lowest accident rate in the Port of NY/NJ.

Sustainability & Innovation

  • PNCT moves over 25% of its ship volume via rail, massively reducing the overall carbon footprint.
  • Online Payment, Mobile Phone access.
  • State of the art digital connectivity for truckers, forwards and BCOs.
  • Ground breaking value added services for truckers/BCOs called "PNCT FLEX SERVICE".

Think Bigger

  • Upgraded velocity now moving 400 containers/hr @peak use from 180/hr.
  • Expansion of 50 acres of Container Yard.
  • Expansion of 1.0 million TEU's of capacity.
  • Expansion of 5,000' of additional Rail Track.
  • Completion of New Gate Infrustructure
    reducing truck stop points 66% from 3 to 1.


  • Highly skilled labor force.
  • Dedicated Customer Service group to expedite terminal transactions/visits.
  • Excellent ILA labor and PNCT management relationship.